Stanford University, Stanford, CA

M.S./PhD in Mechanical Engineering, GPA 3.8/4.0                                                          09/2010-11/2016

(Minor in Management Science and Engineering)

Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China

B.S. in Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering, GPA 3.96/4.0                               09/2006-06/2010



Research & Experimental
  • Proficient in microfluidics systems, mass transport study and system-level optimization: microfluidics, electrophoresis and mass transport in porous media
  • Proficient in mechanical design, design testing, feasibility studies and prototype fabrication
  • Strong skills in data analysis, programming in python and MATLAB
  • Strong skills in electrical instrumentation, microscopy, experimentation and prototyping
  • Hands-on experience with circuit design, circuit analysis and mechatronics system design and implementation
  • Proficient in electrochemical characterization techniques: electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, cyclic voltammetry and etc.
  • Knowledge of energy conversion systems: batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors, and electrolytic systems
Programming, Simulation & Design
  • Expert-level skills in mechanical design and instrumentation: AutoCAD, SolidWorkds, LabVIEW
  • Proficient in modeling and simulation software: COMSOL, ANSYS, LTSpice
  • Strong skills in data analysis and programing: MATLAB, R, Python, C/C++, C3, D3, machine learning, image processing, data visualization
  • Experience with PCB design: EAGLE



High performance multi-stage flow-through capacitive desalination (CD) systems

Lawrence Scholar, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, CA       05/2013-11/2016

Advisor: Juan G. Santiago, Michael Stadermann

  • Design, optimize, build and test a high performance multi-stage capacitive desalination (CD) system to desalinate brackish water with the throughput of 1-2 L/hr, coupling it with a high-efficiency energy recovery circuit.
  • Develop a numerical model of multi-stage CD system in COMSOL to study mass transport through porous electrodes, and provide guidance to system design and performance optimization.
  • Studied and characterized internal resistive components of CD systems using electrochemical diagnostic techniques. Developed a novel electrical contact configuration for CD systems to achieve energy consumption reduction by a factor of ten.
  • Developed an equivalent circuit model to fully capture the charging or discharging dynamics of a CD system with porous electrodes using LTSpice.


Simultaneous extraction and purification of DNA and proteins from complex biological samples  

Research Assistant, Stanford Microfluidics Laboratory, Stanford, CA                 04/2012-02/2014

Advisor: Juan G. Santiago            

  • Developed a rapid on-chip microfluidics system to simultaneously purify and fractionate nucleic acids and proteins from human serum samples using isotachophoresis (ITP).
  • Designed and fabricated a novel radially symmetric microfluidics chip using soft lithography technique.
  • Developed the assay chemistry and successfully performed simultaneous extraction of human cell-free DNA and serum proteins (with albumin exclusion) within 30 min.



  • Lawrence Scholar Fellowship, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory    12/2012 – 11/2016
  • Best Poster Award, 29th International Symposium on Microscale Bioseparations           03/2013
  • Ginzton Research Assistantship Award, Stanford University                                                04/2010



Teaching Assistant, Stanford University, Stanford, CA

Undergraduate classes: Introduction to Solid of Mechanics, Physical Biology of Cell   2012 Spring

Graduate class: Optofluidics: Interplay of light and fluids at the micro & nanoscale 2011 Autumn



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Yatian Qu, Juan G. Santiago, Michael Stadermann, “Resistance characterization and operation optimization of a capacitive deionization system”, Poster session, Gordon Research Conference on Microfludics, Physics and Chemistry, West Dover, VT, June, 2015

Yatian Qu, Juan G. Santiago, Michael Stadermann, “Characterization of internal resistance of a capacitive deionization system”, Oral presentation, 8th International Conference on Interfaces against Pollution, Leeuwarden, Netherlands, May, 2014

Yatian Qu, Lewis A. Marshall, Juan G. Santiago, “Simultaneous purification and fractionation of nucleic acids and proteins from complex samples using bidirectional isotachophoresis”, Poster session, Best Poster Award, 29th International Symposium on Microscale Bioseparations, Charlottesville, VA, March, 2013



Vice President, Stanford Energy Club (SEC), Digital & Brand team                      03/2015- 03/2016

  • Lead a 6-person team to promote engagement of SEC communities through marketing and branding strategies. Initiate and lead “SEC Big Data” program to review club growth.

Founder, Stanford-Zhejiang University (ZJU) Alumni Group                                   06/2012-06/2015

  • Enhance social bonding between ZJU alumni at Stanford by organizing mixers and activities.

Team member, SunPower Foundation project, Engineering for Sustainable World, Stanford 11/2015-present

  • Design solar-powered lighting and refrigeration systems for small-community use in rural areas of developing countries.

Finance Officer, Mechanical Engineering Women Group                                       09/2012-09/2013

  • Organized events and managed group funding and expenses.

Volunteer, Visitor Service, Cantor Art Center, Stanford, CA                                     05/2012-12/2012

  • Assisted with general museum reception and visitor services.