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DSC_0158_pI’m a microfluidics researcher/engineer working in Purigen Biosystems, a startup company developing hands-free solutions for extracting and quantifying nucleic acids from biological samples. I obtained my PhD degree in 2016 from the department of Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University. I did ,y doctoral research under the guidance of Prof. Juan Santiago in Stanford Microfluidics Laboratory. My past research projects include developing biological sample preparation and purification techniques using isotachophoresis and developing high performance multi-stage and solar-compatible water desalination systems using capacitive deionization. I was also a recipient of Lawrence Scholar Fellowship from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. I work with Dr. Michael Stadermann to scale up desalination capacity of flow-through electrode capacitive deionization systems through phased charging.

I’m the co-founder and lead organizer of Bay Area Microfluidics Network, a non-profit organization that brings together regional leaders in microfluidic technologies to foster innovation and collaboration, both in academia and in industry.

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Email: yatianqu@gmail.com

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